Duplex apartment 165 м2


A flat in the Premium Class "PRIME PARK" residential estate was surrendered with a finish of WHITE BOX. As it often happens in such cases – this finish did not match the wishes of our customers both functionally and technically, that's why the planning concept was completely revised. The first floor was released from unnecessary partitions to get a spacious kitchen-living area. The owner of that flat is not only a professional sportsman, but also a gamer, so we designed a small but spectacular office especially for him. Also there is a guest room and a guest bathroom. On the second level of the flat there is Master Block and a nursery with its own bathroom. We have placed a bedroom in the most beautiful place of the flat with a corner window. But the main feature of the interior is surely a Master bathroom with a separate bathroom at the panoramic window. A wardrobe of irregular shape we tried to make as spacious as possible because it was very important for the owners of the flat.

WOW! I want such a design.

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